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The Riverbranch Yoga




Weekend Course


About the Course

YOGA - Yoga consists of 3 key components; breathwork, movement and meditation. The Riverbranch yoga is built on a Christian Foundation with the intention to strengthen our body and find peace of mind through Gods word.

Your Instructor

Ulrika Bilby

Ulrika is the founder of the The Riverbranch Ministry. She empower mums to take action and lead themselfs to selfcare and to speak life into themselfs and into their world.

Yoga has been part of Ulrikas life since 1998 and is a key to balance body, mind and spirit and is a great tool to live a sustainable life. Christaian Yoga helps us connect with our breath, stills our mind and brings us to the present moment, in meditation and worship.

Ulrika Bilby
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