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She's making a legacy

Creating family legacy by working from home



Take back your time, get joy and energy, creating a family legacy from home! 

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She's creating a Legacy is the place to be to learn all digital marketing, freelance marketing and making an impact!


Learn how to lead yourself to be able to support and lead others in your business and your family.

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Our Founder

Ulrika Bilby

"I launched 'She's creating a legacy' because i could not find this space anywhere. I was looking for a platform for Christ-Centered Yoga, Business & Lifestyle focusing on wellness & creating a family legacy. A space for peace, harmony, and strength. A positive and life-giving atmosphere, spreading hope and love, teaching how you can earn money from home."

Join Us

Join us on our journey toward wellness and

well-being through creating movement, hope & love.


Take action steps towards a joyful life in the middle of the messy and the mundane, creating financial freedom!

Spreading hope through movement

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What others say

Maria A.


I love the events. Ulrika and the team creates a lovley athmosphere, making you feel at home! Moving to worship music is amazing!

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