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The Harmonious Family Life by


A wellness platform to Flourish & Thrive in your life

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Learn the shortcut to peace and harmony in your everyday life!

Be still,  Activate, Transform & become.


Find peace & harmony in minutes

Traffic stop meditation - mini course

Stop - Breathe - Speak Life
How to go from stress to calm in seconds - in the middle of your day!

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Transformational Coaching

Rewire your mind, conquer your fears and follow your dreams!


Create sustainable habits for you and your family with the Bilby Method.

Step 1 - Be Aware

Step 2 - Take Action 

Step 3 - Feel Alive

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Traffic Stop Meditation

Life is busy and we get to find a way to stay present and calm in the midst of it. Traffic Stop Meditation is a daily practice you bring with you. Wherever you go.

The Harmonious Family Life

The Harmonious Family Life is a series of interviews on Parenting, Health and Wellness to support families living with ADHD and AutismFind tools and strategies to thrive instead of survive. 

Be brave, bright, and beautiful! 

Our Services

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You crown the year with your goodness, and your paths drip with abundance.





PSALMS 65:11

We are here for you

We are serving busy mums to thrive instead of survive. 

You can´t pour from an empty cup. Put yourself in the driver seat, & learn how to lead your family from hurricane to harmony.

Create the family life you want. Lead with confidence, overcome challenges and find peace and harmony within!

We get to take care of ourselves to be able to take care of others. 

Find joy, peace & harmony and thrive again!

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Work with us

Join one of our programs;


Traffic Stop Meditation -Stop Overwhelm & Stress and find Peace & Harmony, where ever you are!

Learn the tool to go from hurricane to harmony in minutes in the middle of your everyday life.

Dim to Bright -

You can´t pour from an empty cup. Put yourself in the driver's seat, & learn how to lead yourself and your family from hurricane to harmony.

Find your passion & let your light shine! 

Hurricane to Harmony - Empower your kids and find the tool to overcome challenges & change the atmosphere in your home!


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