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Traffic Stop Meditation




60 days


About the Course

TRAFFIC STOP MEDITATION - Life is busy and we get to find a way to stay present and calm in the mids of it. Traffic Stop Meditation is a daily practise you bring with you whereever you go. Learn this simple but super effective tool and transform your day. Stop, catch your breath and reconnect to your source in seconds!

Your Instructor

Ulrika Bilby

Ulrika is the founder of the Harmonious Family Life and her mission is to transform families and ceate thriving relationships. She empower mums to take action and lead themselfs to selfcare and to speak life into themselfs and into their world.

Ulrika has held several seniour positions in Swedish management at the same time as raising children with additional needs together wtih her Australian husband.

Overcoming burn out, and her sons challenges, she has guided her son out of severe claustrophobia and watched the impossible prove possible.

Ulrika Bilby
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