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Our Magic Project

We want to empower children to follow their dreams and overcome their challenges.  These stories are created to evoke your child's dream to make the impossible possible. 

These books come with workbooks and tools for you and your child to help you through the journey of reaching a goal, overcoming a difficulty, or simply just feeling inspired! 


Come join us on the quest to follow your dream!

The Boy in the Sky - How to follow your dream!

This book and workbook are to guide you and your children to create your own goals and action steps to conquer challenges and reach your dreams. Join the Boy in the Sky, evoke your dreams, and create the life you want!

Boy in the sky - cover.jpg

The Tiger Princess - How to conquer your fears!

This is a journey to freedom! All you have to do is take the first step, and then the next, and the next. 

This is a proven method to overcome your fears and challenges, by identifying, accepting, and taking action!

Join the Tiger Princess journey and learn from her how to step into your "brave", take action, and conquer your fears! 

Freedom, confidence, and joy is waiting on the other side!

The Tiger Princess - cover.jpg

The Magic Thought - How to rewire your mind!

What if I told you this work held the secret to rewiring your mind, that it would give you the tools and the knowledge to teach your child to think good thoughts about themselves and the situation instead of getting stuck in negative self-talk?

Get inspired to change your thoughts and make magic happen!

The Magic Thought.jpg
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